5 Tips to Crafting a Great Law Firm Website

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What is the first thing a prospective client looks at when they are referred to your firm? Your website. If your website does not properly reflect the personality of your firm, give clear calls to action, or is not readily viewable on a mobile device, you could be missing out on valuable leads.

Here are our 5 tips for creating a great law firm website…

  1. Mobile Ready- The majority of web searches are now performed on smart phones or tablets. If you’re site isn’t mobile-ready, search engines won’t index you and clients won’t find you.
  2. Thought Leadership- Your website should have timely, pertinent information in the form of articles and blogs. This shows existing and potential clients that you are on the leading edge.
  3. Staff Profiles- Talk about yourselves! Get personal! Show more than your qualifications, you never know what aspect of your life will strike a chord with a potential client.
  4. Clearly Defined Practice Areas- If your firm specializes in Tax Law, you don’t want clients coming to you for Personal Injury. Clearly defined practice areas will weed out unwanted leads.
  5. Case Studies- Potential clients want to know that they will be successful when they choose your firm. Case studies are proof of your prowess. They can be vague to protect identities, but a compelling success story may land you a client.

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