7 Resolutions to Make in a Pandemic Influenced 2021

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The pandemic has changed the future of business communications forever. Although a COVID vaccine may bring hope of a return to “normalcy,” things will never be the same. Virtual meetings and remote work are here to stay, which means your approach to marketing has to meet the new reality.

Here are 7 resolutions to make for 2021 to make sure you are ready.

1. Review and upgrade your website to serve as a more complete and dynamic representation of your organization.

2. Review, update and enhance your social media presence.

3. Research topics of importance and pain points for your key audiences, then create content for your website and social media platforms to address those needs.

4. Establish a content calendar and content development process.

5. Commit to regular posting of new content on your website and the appropriate social media accounts so that you are consistent and disciplined in your approach.

6. Have a system to identify & track measurable metrics – views, likes, clicks, visits, shares; then adjust content and distribution to maximize exposure.

7. Become a Zoom superstar by paying attention to presentation, attitude and performance; lights, camera, action – you’re on!

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