Are Your Email Campaigns Setting Up Your Sales Team for Success?

scribendi Digital Marketing

by Conor McDonough, Partner, Scribendi Digital Marketing

Whether crossing-selling to existing customers or putting your problem-solving expertise in the inbox of potential leads, email campaigns have proven to be effective lead drivers. Email campaigns are especially effective if you are adapting your message and timing to the analytical data most email campaign programs offer!

Follow the Numbers

It is one thing to send out consistent, informative, and relevant content to your email list. But to really be proactive, you have to follow the numbers. Email campaign programs like MailChimp and Campaigner deliver every data point under the sun. With fully integrated website and email analytics, you can go to each individual email address and see what device they opened the email on, how long they looked at the email, if they clicked through to your website, and to which pages they clicked through to.

This is a sales person’s dream! With this information your sales team gets an accurate picture of what each lead is looking for without having to ask them a single question. And they can follow up those email opens with targeted sales messaging by both phone and email. The follow up “script” can be cut down from:

“I am so and so from company X, your leading source for Y. What aspect of our business are you interested in?”

directly to

“I am so and so from company X. I saw that you were looking at this aspect of our business on our website, how can I help?”

The latter is much simpler for both the sales person and the potential lead. It is direct to the pain point the potential lead is trying to address by reading, watching, or listening to your content and visiting your website.

A Caveat Appears!

This approach is not for everyone! There are people who are made uncomfortable by such granular tracking, even if it simplifies their lives. That is where the sales person needs to have a good understanding of who they are talking to and how technologically savvy they are, as well as how to strike the right balance between a long term sale and a short term data-driven sale. Giving your sales team the numbers will help them have a more full understanding of each lead and let them work their magic from a more informed position. 

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