Categorize Your Blogs for Relevant Internal Links

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by Conor McDonough, Partner, Scribendi Digital Marketing

Google’s Website Core Vitals place an added emphasis on the relevance of the content to which you direct your website visitors via internal links. It has long been a Google best practice to include internal links on each page of your website (links to contact forms, other service pages, the home page) but, with Google’s new parameters, if those links don’t fit the logical path your content is leading your visitor down you won’t get as much credit.

Use Your Blog Categories

The best way to get credit for internal links within Google new Core Web Vitals Parameters is to categorize your blogs and put only blogs that are relevant to your page content on that page. Don’t just send the visitor to your blog page! If you have a page describing a specific service you offer, create a space on the page that houses only the blogs that are relevant to that service. If your site is a WordPress website you can simply choose by your established categories. Google’s new algorithm parameters follow the same logic as the average website visitor, so it expects your website content path to be as easy to follow as possible. 

Turn Your Website into Its Own Search Engine

Another important change to Google’s Website Core Vitals is an emphasis on “searchable” content. This doesn’t mean content that Google can find on your website, it means creating a “search bar” that users can use to find specific content on your website. In order to make this an effective tool you must tag each page, blog post, and image with the right keywords. For example, if you are a law firm with multiple specialties, one of which is “Employment Law,” a user should be able to type “employment law” into your own website’s search bar and find every relevant piece of information on employment law that exists on your website. Proper tagging turns your website into its own search engine and keeps users from bouncing off of your site to find information. This takes a lot of data entry, but it is well worth the time. 

Website SEO Analysis

With Google’s Core Website vitals there are many important changes to be made to your website, even if you have kept up with SEO best practices for years. At Scribendi we offer full SEO analysis based on Google’s Website Core Website Vitals best practices. We’ll help you recognize areas that need improvement and then do the work to improve them. Give us a call at (339) 244-4222 or email us at to schedule an initial consultation!