Do you know where your domain name is?

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By Conor McDonough, Partner, Scribendi Digital Marketing

Your domain name is your domain name, right? You type it in and your website shows up on your browser. But what happens when it doesn’t? Who has the keys to the kingdom and can find out why your domain name isn’t directing to your website?

You’d be surprised how many companies don’t have the answer to this question. But it can be an easy thing to let slip. People change positions and companies more and more frequently and often the person who registered the domain name did so 10-15 years ago. Email addresses change or get lost in the shuffle (we recently had to retrieve a domain name that was registered to an email address. Verizon has not offered email services in more than three years!)

It is crucial that your hosting and domain name information is up to date and constantly monitored. Renewal email notifications need to be flagged as high priority, auto-renew should be set up for your domain name, and the registrant contact information should always be up to date.

If you don’t know where your domain name is registered or who the registrant contacts are, Scribendi can help you find out. It is a difficult process, but one that is necessary to ensure that you are able to keep your domain name and your website active.

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