Google Removes Right Rail Paid Ads

scribendiBlog, Digital Marketing

Pay-Per-Click advertisements, those top few results that show up on the top of a search page with a little gold “Ad” next to them, are becoming more and more important for marketing your business.

​ Until recently, those Pay-Per-Click ads showed up both above and to the right of what Google calls the “organic search results,” the results that are not paid. Google has now removed the paid ads on the right side of the search results and added a fourth pay-per-click result to the top.

Adding that fourth paid result essentially pushes all organic results down “below the fold,” to borrow an old newspaper term. This makes a properly run Pay-Per-Click advertising campaign all the more important.  The majority of searchers will click on the top three results and not bother to scroll past there. The value of Google AdWords and similar Pay-Per-Click campaigns are no longer a marketing secret. You company needs to be there with the right message in order to capture leads, or your competition will.

Scribendi runs successful Pay-Per-Click campaigns for a number of clients, often maintaining several different campaigns for one company. We track clicks and conversions, adjust bidding, and craft compelling messages that attract clicks. As we see Google start to trend towards more and more favorable placement for paid search results, we encourage new and existing clients to schedule a meeting with our team to discuss the best strategy for your business.