Instagram to Follow Facebook into Pay-to-Play for Brands

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On Tuesday, Instagram announced that they will be unveiling a new algorithm that will change which posts users will see on their feeds based on the posts the algorithm believes the user will like. A recent AdWeek article points out that this is similar to the changes Facebook made in 2009 and that, “For advertisers, the move is a sign the app’s advertising gold rush┬ánow means brands will have to pay to get their posts seen as they do with Facebook.”

While investing into Instagram is not right for every brand, there is no denying that somewhere in their more than 400 million monthly users is an audience you may want to target, especially if you’re target audience is in the 18-35 range. As Instagram, like Facebook already has, makes the turn towards Pay-to-Play, now is the time to start thinking about creating a budget for boosting Instagram posts. That said, you need to have compelling, purposeful content to post or that budget will go to waste. Instagram posts have a short shelf-life with users, and must grab their attention immediately to do one of two things- strengthen your brand image or direct them to take action. Don’t write off the importance of the first one, a consistent brand image that stays at the top of your audience’s mind will keep your existing customers coming back for more.