Target The Right Searchers Without Wasting A Penny

Pay-Per-Click advertising, such as Google AdWords, is the best thing to happen to internet marketing. Period. It is a targeted, measurable means of reaching a very specific group of searchers. With the right, attention grabbing message, your Pay-Per-Click campaigns can quickly become your leading source of leads. And the best part? You only pay when someone clicks on your ad.

How Does It Work?

Pay-Per-Click ads are the top results you’ll see on a Google Search page. These results have a little gold “Ad” marker next to them. While running your campaign, Scribendi will bid on those top search results based on the keywords their target audiences use while searching. Through Google’s KeyWord Research application, we are able to find out precisely which keywords your desired demographic use when searching. Each of these keywords carries a monetary value, which which are up for bid. When we bid higher than your competitor, our ad shows up above theirs. Depending on your industry and audience, that bid could be as low as a few dollars! Think about that, just a few dollars for a solid lead!

Scribendi is a certified Google Partner, which means we receive continous education on Google AdWords best practices. We run successful Pay-Per-Click campaigns for a number of our clients in a wide range of industries. We create the message, monitor the bids, and track which keywords are more successful than others. We track clicks on the ads as well as conversions (action taken after being directed to your website) in order to ensure that the campaign remains a viable source of leads.

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