Refresh Your Website to Generate More Leads

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One of the first questions we ask a website development client is, “Is your current website producing leads?” More often than not, the answer is either “No,” or “We have no idea.” Updating your site to be responsive, optimized, and trackable is the best way to turn that answer into, “Yes.”

We recently built a new, responsive WordPress website for a company that had seen a steep drop off to zero lead generation from their older, HTML website. The process of designing the new site was focused on turning it into a reliable source for lead generation. This included creating multiple contact points on each page, and optimizing every page for Google search.

Within a few days of launching the website, the client saw three fresh, promising leads come in through their new contact points. Because we have installed trackable contact forms and monitor site activity through Google analytics, as time progresses and leads continue to come in we’ll be able to tell exactly which aspects of their website are driving those leads and dedicate further resources towards them in the form of pay-per-click advertising and additional off-site marketing tactics.

This an example of creating a digital presence using our “Atomic Marketing” model. At the “core” is a robust and responsive website where customers can discover and evaluate a company’s products and services. Surrounding this core is a cloud of “electrons” formed by marketing activities such as digital advertising, social media, public relations, content marketing, and even traditional advertising channels such as print and broadcast media. Assembled in the proper mix and balance, these “electrons” serve to attract attention and draw customers to the website, where interest can be converted into action.

How well is your company’s website performing its marketing function? Is it generating qualified leads that turn into active prospects? If not, take action now to ensure that your increasingly critical online presence is prepared to work harder for you.