Set Your CPA Domain Name Apart with .cpa

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Your accounting firm (hopefully in 2020) has a .com domain name. Now there is an option to further set your firm website apart from all others on the internet. Through the AICPA you can now register a .cpa domain name, but only if you are a fully licensed CPA. Claiming your .cpa domain name offers a number of benefits, including:

  • More focused branding
  • Shows proof of licensed status
  • Added security
  • Demonstrates that your firm is on the cutting edge

Registration is quick and easy and the top accounting firms in the country have already taken the step to secure their .cpa domain names. We at Scribendi can help your firm to go through the registration process and set up all the necessary steps to ensure your clients and prospects can find you at both (insert-your-firm-domain-name).com and (insert-your-firm-domain-name).cpa

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