Show and Tell with White Board Videos

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White board videos are quick, cost-effective animated videos that can be used to provide useful, timely information both internally and externally.

How Do I Use White Board Videos?

Training your staff on a new procedure or policy? Use a white board video to walk them through the steps.

Have a new B2B product or service that you want to sell? Use a white board video to explain its merits.

Sending out an email to your email list for a holiday? Do it with a white board video!

Recruiting? Describe your job openings with a white board video!

There are hundreds of uses for white board videos and they don’t come with the typical cost of video production or animation. They are more simple than that, but can still deliver impactful information, especially to visual learners.

For 3 examples of white board videos we at Scribendi Digital Marketing have scripted and produced, click here!

To create your own white board video, give us a call at (339) 244-4222 or fill out our contact form. They are a convenient, cost effective, time saving form of media that can be used in any number of ways.