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Here at Scribendi we find that most businesses understand that they need to establish a presence on different social media platforms, but they don’t know what to do once they’ve done so. Putting up a corporate Facebook or LinkedIn page is one thing, but using them as an effective means of lead generation or to establish your self as an industry thought leader is a whole other ball game.

Many companies make the mistake of using their social media accounts to simply entertain their followers. While there is merit to keeping your followers entertained, that is not an effective means of driving business. In order for your social media accounts to do more than just acquire “Likes” you need to publish compelling content that will drive your followers to take action. Your social media posts need to drive people to visit your website, learn more about your company, and contact you for your products or services. They also need to show your in-depth knowledge of your industry, whatever that may be.

When you turn to Scribendi for social media management, we’ll integrate your different platforms with your website, blog, and all of your other marketing efforts.

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