Two New Ways to Drive LinkedIn Leads

scribendiDigital Marketing

by Conor McDonough, Partner, Scribendi Digital Marketing

LinkedIn recently rolled out “Product Pages” for company profiles. These pages should mimic the “Services” pages of your website (or “Solutions,” however you label them) and become just another resource for potential customers to learn about your company. Fully flushing out these LinkedIn Product Pages is also helpful for SEO, creating more links to your website and more relevant content that is specifically connected to your business for Google to Index.

Using these Product Pages is an added convenience to the searcher. You can be sure that a potential lead will still look at your website, but these Product Pages are easily shared within LinkedIn and passed between decision makers.

*New* Lead Generation Forms

The Product Pages are a great informational resource in addition to your website but how do you track their usage beyond page views? LinkedIn has also rolled out Lead Generation Forms right on these Product Pages.

These easily created contact forms are designed to be a convenient, trackable way for potential leads to contact your company. They are labeled by Product Page, so when you receive the inquiry you will know exactly which aspect of your business from which the lead has come. This model is used on websites to cut down on the amount of back-and-forth needed to follow up with a lead and now it is available through LinkedIn.

LinkedIn has created these two aspects of company pages to keep more users actively engaged on their platform, but from a marketing perspective they can be readily leveraged to drive leads. You may not be overwhelmed with inquiries, but the type of  early adapter LinkedIn user who uses the new Lead Generation Form to contact your company is likely to have done their due diligence and are close to the end of their research phase and ready to make a decision. 

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