Why Pay-Per-Click Advertising is a Must in 2016

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Pay-Per-Click advertising, also referred to as Google AdWords campaigns, has become an effective source of lead and revenue creation for both retail businesses and those specializing in professional services. In 2016, the impact of a well-run pay-per-click campaign is going to be even larger. This is from a recent article on searchengineland.com,

“Google recently began showing three paid search ads for certain mobile search queries, which effectively eliminated organic results from “above the fold,” causing a decline in traffic and revenue for some brands.”

What does this mean for your business?

It means that, even if you are ranking high in search results organically, you are being bested by those paying for the privilege to show up first. According to the same article, mobile searches eclipsed desktop searches in 2015, which means mobile search results are even more crucial to driving leads and revenue to your business. And while, on a desktop, the organic results are still viewable without any scrolling, on a mobile device the top three results are likely all the person searching will see. Searchers are unlikely to go digging for more results unless they have a very specific idea of the target of their search.

But no one clicks those ads!

When presenting the idea of paid search campaigns to clients, we often hear that people skip right by those results because they know that they are paid ads. While this may be true for some, it is overwhelmingly apparent that a large majority of searchers are inclined to click on those paid ads. We have seen success for a number of our clients in pay-per-click advertising and would love to sit down with you to discuss how a properly run campaign could be highly effective for your business.

First things first. Mobilize your website!

A well run mobile pay-per-click campaign won’t do much for your business if your website is not adaptable to mobile devices. Even if a searcher clicks through to your website, if what they see is not readily functional, or worse- non-existent, your chances of capturing that lead are slim to none. Don’t let your out of date website stop you from driving mobile leads and sales. Call Scribendi Advertising & PR at (339) 244-4222 or email us at info@scribendi.net to discuss the best plan of action for your website and your marketing efforts in 2016.